Riots in Charlotte after police shoot man

Riots in Charlotte after police shoot man

Protests have erupted in North Carolina after the latest fatal shooting by a police officer.

Police claim Keith Lamont Scott was armed with a gun, but witnesses and relatives dispute that and say it was just a book.

Officers had been searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant at an apartment complex in College Downs.

They saw a different man, Mr Scott, in a vehicle. He got out of the car, holding a gun, before re-entering the car, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

He was shot by "at least one" officer after he allegedly made "some imminent threat" to the officers.

Mr Scott's family say he was disabled. He died in hospital.

Riots in Charlotte after police shoot man

Keith Lamont Scott (R) (GoFundMe)

According to Mr Scott's brother, he was reading a book in his car while waiting for his son when he was shot by a plain-clothes officer.

Police say they recovered a gun at the scene and detectives are interviewing witnesses.

Officer Brentley Vinson was identified as the shooter and has been placed on paid administrative leave, as is standard procedure with an officer-involved shooting, police said.

Protesters were met by police in riot gear late on Tuesday.

A number of protesters were heard chanting "black lives matter" and "hand's up, don't shoot".

It's believed tear gas and flash bangs were fired into the crowd at around 11pm (local time) after officers were seen putting on gas masks.

At least one demonstrator and several officers are thought to have been injured in the protests.