Russia bans adult sites, says 'meet someone in real life'

'Adults Only' (file)
'Adults Only' (file)

Several of the most popular adult websites have been banned in Russia as part of an internet crackdown by media watchdog Roskomnadzor.

Pornhub and YouPorn have both been blocked, with the move following the banning of 11 other popular websites in 2015.

The response online has been one of ridicule and annoyance. One woman tweeted the watchdog asking if they could recommend an alternative, to which they replied "you can meet someone in real life."

The Pornhub Twitter account asked whether giving Roskomnadzor a free Pornhub premium account would make them un-ban their website in Russia.

The watchdog tweeted back, saying they are "not in the market" for the services offered by the adult site, and that "the demography is not a commodity."

In the hopes of pleasing its Russian fans, Pornhub has since tweeted a link to their site which they believe is still active in the country.

Russia has strict internet censorship laws, previously banning online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.