Salesman buys boy new sneakers after heartbreaking story

Osmani Torres and the boy (Osmani Torres/Facebook)
Osmani Torres and the boy (Osmani Torres/Facebook)

It was the moment that could change a child's future - forever.

United States shoe salesman Osmani Torres was working in a store when a young boy walked in.

"So today this little boy came into the store and asked me, 'Where do you guys have the cheapest shoes?'" he wrote in a post to Facebook earlier in the week.

Mr Torres looked down - and saw the child's shoes were "literally breaking apart".

"I asked him if he wore that for the first day of school and he said, 'Yes'," Mr Torres wrote.

"He told me in a low voice a story that broke my heart. I told him, 'Don't worry, pick any shoe you like... I'll buy them for you.'"

In exchange for the sneakers, the boy promised to try his hardest at school.

However, Mr Torres has since removed the Facebook post, after he received hateful comments from other social media users.

"I recently gave a child in need a pair of shoes at my own expense. I didn't do it for "fame" or for "likes" I did it out of the kindness of my heart and unfortunately it has been misconstrued by certain people to have been done for other reasons," he says.

"I am so glad that many of you have either been inspired or touched by the deed and it means the world to me that hundreds of people have shared my story."

His friends are praising Mr Torres for his kindness and generosity - and they hope the new shoes will help give the young boy the confidence to live up to his promise - to do his best at school.