Special chair saves pup's life

(Kelsey McFarland / Twitter)
(Kelsey McFarland / Twitter)


A puppy born with a congenital condition that means he can't eat normally has a new shot at life, thanks to a specially constructed throne.

Elijah, a seven-month-old German Shepherd, was adopted by Ada Animal Hospital in Idaho at just six weeks old.

He was diagnosed with a condition called megaesophagus, which stops food from travelling from his throat to his stomach.

For some time he was fed through a feeding tube and he went through several surgeries.

Then his throne was developed.

Eli now sits like a king as he eats his meals and his body weight has tripled, vet technician Savannah Amberson told CNN-affiliate KBOI 2News.

"It's supposed to make it so that gravity pulls the food through his esophagus rather than the muscles pushing it through his stomach," she said.

Eli has been using the chair for three weeks, eating at least five meals a day.

Ms Amberson says while the pup wasn't keen on the throne at first, howling and crying, he now loves it.

"Sometimes he even falls asleep in the chair," vet and clinic owner Dr Wayne Loertscher told KBOI.

From a tiny pup half the size of his littermates, Ada Animal Hospital now says Eli is getting a full stomach and growing fast.

He's also got a new forever family.

"I have no intentions of getting rid of him," Ms Amberson said.

"He's going to be my pup forever."