Surfer lands on top of shark in Western Australia

  • 07/09/2016

A Western Australian surfer says his brother is the only reason he is alive after being hit off his surfboard by a shark.

The shark, likely a great white, knocked 22-year-old Fraser Penman so hard he was hurled into the air and landed on top of the predator.

"All of a sudden I just hear this massive pound and I'm just launched straight on top of the shark itself."

His 20-year-old brother Logan swam straight towards the shark in the hope of saving his brother.

"I was pulling him onto the nose of my board to stabilise him and not get sucked any more under," Logan explains.

The brothers rode a set of waves into shore and collapsed on the beach.

"Everyone was around him and about four people said 'you should buy a lottery ticket'," Logan laughs.

Aside from a broken surfboard, both boys walked away unharmed.

Channel 7/Newshub.