Syria ceasefire brings peace to Aleppo

  • 14/09/2016

There are scenes of joy on the streets of war-torn Aleppo as the Syrian ceasefire appears to be holding.

No one knows exactly how long the peace will last but for a city that has been living under siege, the freedom this has given them is clear.

Families have taken to the streets, young children are smiling and laughing like any kid that age should be.

Less than 48 hours after the fighting ended, the city has transformed. Compared to the pictures of bloodied and screaming pre-schoolers the world has become accustomed to seeing.

Desperately needed aid will also be delivered in the coming days. Russian troops have begun arriving in western Aleppo which is currently controlled by their allies from the Assad Regime. The residents of rebel-controlled eastern Aleppo will have to wait a few more days as a convoy of 20 trucks drives south from the Turkish border.