Teacher suspended after slapping late students in China

Teacher suspended after slapping late students in China

Video footage filmed in China showing a teacher apparently slapping students for being late has led to an internal investigation at the school.

In the video, posted on YouTube and WeChat, the teacher is seen slapping several first-year students, and kicking one, after arriving up to 30 minutes late to Shandong Rizhao Maritime Academy in Rizhao City.

One of the students was struck multiple times in the face, at one point hard enough to knock his cap off.

It's believed the students were taking part in a military training course mandatory for new students at Chinese universities, lasting a fortnight and teaching students some self-defence basics and how to survive in the wilderness.

They were still dressed in their uniforms at the time the video was shot.

The university has issued a statement saying the teacher, named as Zheng, "had not disciplined [the students] in a patient manner".

Ahead of an internal investigation, Zheng has been suspended, the university says.