The 4 people personalities: which one are you?

The 4 people personalities: which one are you?

Some people might describe themselves as a little grumpy, sleepy, dopey, happy, bashful  - or any of the other Seven Dwarves' personalities.

But unlike the classic Disney film, researchers from Charles III University of Madrid say nearly everyone falls into one of four personality types.

They are optimistic, pessimistic, trusting or envious - with the highest number of us falling into the last category.

Thirty percent of people were defined as envious, meaning they don't mind what they achieve as long as they're better than others.

Optimistic, pessimistic and trusting personality types each make up 20 percent of people.

So what does it all mean? Let's look at it from a hunter's point of view.

Two people can hunt for deer, but alone they can only catch rabbits.

The envious person would choose to hunt rabbits - they're at least equal to the other hunter if not better.

An optimist hunts deer as the best possible option for both people.

Pessimists hunt rabbits as they're a small and likely target, while those who are trusting are happy to cooperate and hunt deer without a second thought.

Which one are you?