The iPhone 7's slogan has Hong Kong chuckling

The iPhone 7's slogan has Hong Kong chuckling

Apple's slogan for the much-anticipated iPhone 7 - 'This is 7' - doesn't quite mean the same thing around the world.

In fact, it has people in Hong Kong chortling because of its rude meaning in Cantonese.

The tech giant last week launched the new model, its most controversial feature being the lack of a headphone jack.

While that caused outrage for some Apple fans, the advertising slogan has been the source of some ridicule in Hong Kong because when translated from Cantonese, it roughly means "this is penis".

It depends on the intonation of the word 'seven'.

But rather than having a derogatory meaning, the phrase is used in jest when someone makes a mistake or a fool of themselves - much like Apple seems to have done.