Toddler's heartrending anguish after mother's drug overdose

The toddler tries to wake her mother
The toddler tries to wake her mother

Disturbing footage shows a two-year-old girl's anguish as she tries to wake her mother from a suspected drug overdose.

In a video captured by a bystander, the toddler, dressed in pink Frozen pyjamas, grasps her mother's hand, pulls at her hair, and shakes her head, in a desperate attempt to wake her.

Her mother, named in a police report as Mandy McGowen, 36, collapsed onto the floor of a Massachusetts store on Sunday morning (local time).

Paramedics arrived and administered doses of Narcan, used to treat heroin and opiate overdoses. Drug utensils were also found in McGowen's handbag.

Lawrence Police captain Roy Vasque says the incident is one of the worst aspects of drug addiction.

"To put a child in such a situation shows how strong the addiction is," Mr Vasque said previously.

"It's definitely common for children to act in this way, and we have seen this before."

Earlier in September, police released graphic photos of a four-year-old boy in a vehicle with two adults passed out from an alleged heroin overdose.

Police say they plan on charging McGowen with child endangerment.