Transgender soldier first woman on British frontline

  • 18/09/2016
Guardsman Chloe Allen (Supplied)
Guardsman Chloe Allen (Supplied)

A transgender soldier has become the first woman to serve on the frontline in the British Army.

Women have long served on the frontline in a variety of roles, such as helicopter gunners, medics or peacekeepers.

However, until recently they were banned from fighting in close combat in infantry and tank units.

Now, a transgender soldier in the infantry who joined up as a man but has recently begun hormone therapy treatment and changed her name, has been told she can keep her frontline role.

Guardsman Chloe Allen, 24, joined the Army four years ago as Ben.

The ban on women serving in close combat on the frontline was lifted in July, and although the application process for female recruits begins later this year, Guardsman Allen was allowed to stay in her role in the Scots Guards.

It means she'll continue undertaking ceremonial duties with her battalion but also crucially fight alongside her colleagues on the frontline as she makes history.

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