Trump closes the gap on Clinton in new poll

Donald Trump (Getty)
Donald Trump (Getty)

Less than a month ago, Donald Trump trailed Hillary Clinton by double-digits.

But a new poll has the Republican candidate neck-and-neck with his Democratic rival on a nationwide vote, even as most voters think it'll ultimately be Ms Clinton who takes out the presidency.

A CNN poll released today has Mr Trump on 43 percent to Ms Clinton's 43. The gap is within the margin of error, so it really is a coin-flip as to who's really in the lead.

Trailing well behind are Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson on 7 percent and the Greens' Jill Stein, on 2 percent.

As for who they expect to win, 59 percent said Ms Clinton and only 34 percent said Mr Trump.

Poll tracking website FiveThirtyEight updated its forecast to give Ms Clinton a 67.4 percent chance of winning, down from 89 percent just three weeks ago.

The CNN poll had Trump leading with men, both married and unmarried, and married women - but Ms Clinton's strong showing with unmarried women kept her in touching distance.

Voters under 45 overwhelmingly favour Ms Clinton - 54 percent to 29 - while those numbers are pretty much reversed for older voters.

Whites back Mr Trump 55 percent to 34, but almost everyone else is voting Ms Clinton - 71 to 18.

College graduates largely back Ms Clinton, while those without degrees favour Mr Trump.

Other recent surveys have largely fallen in Ms Clinton's favour, including polls by the Los Angeles Times, NBC News and Fox News.