Trump's smug 9/11 interview resurfaces

Donald Trump (AAP)
Donald Trump (AAP)

A video of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump boasting about the size of a building he owned immediately after 9/11 has resurfaced on social media.

In an interview immediately after the incident that killed nearly 3000 people, then-business mogul Trump was asked whether the terrorist attack had caused any damage to his building.

However instead of answering the question, Trump embarked on a staggeringly insensitive rant about how the collapsed buildings meant his was now the tallest in the area.

"Well, it was an amazing phonecall, [because] 40 Wall Street was the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan," he explained.

"It was, before the World Trade Center, actually the tallest, and then when they built the World Trade Center it became the second tallest.

"Now it's the tallest."

Trump took to Facebook on Sunday to remember those who had lost their lives in the attacks and thank those who had heroically tried to save people.

"In that darkest hour, the entire world bore witness to the strength and courage of our mighty nation," he wrote.

"Firefighters, police officers and port authority workers rushed into danger, into smoke, into fire to save the lives of people they had never met - performing their sacred duties until their last moments on Earth."

The post was largely well-received, but Trump's sentiments have since been questioned after the audio of the interview became widespread.