Two cats survive 16 days under Italy quake ruins

  • 11/09/2016
(YouTube/Storyful News)
(YouTube/Storyful News)

Two cats have been pulled from rubble in separate villages in Italy, over two weeks since a devastating earthquake killed 292 people.

Firefighters rescued Pietro the cat from ruins in the town of Amatrice, which suffered heavily in the quake, after his owners heard him meowing when they returned to retrieve belongings.

The dehydrated and weak Pietro was taken into the care of vets.

Nearby in the town of Illica, a cat named Giorgiana was rescued from a ruined house after her owners’ daughters asked an animal welfare group to look for their three cats.

Volunteers left food and called for the cat after several unsuccessful rescue attempts, and were surprised to finally hear Giorgiana’s meowing.

Last week firefighters rescued a golden retriever named Romeo from rubble in the village of San Loenzo a Flaviano, nine days after he was presumed dead.

The August 24 earthquake killed 292 people, 231 of which were in Amatrice.