Ukrainian politicians brawl on live TV

Ukrainian politicians brawl on live TV

A Ukrainian MP has scuffled with a rival at a TV station following a studio debate.

The MP then took the fight outside, kind of. He started by kicking a car door, but, unable to make a dent, the honourable member resorted to some key graffiti on the bodywork.

Ukraine is home to boxing's champion Klitschko brothers, one of whom, Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko, served in Parliament, so it's hardly surprising that some there like to argue with their fists.

Vlodomyr Parasyuk was so serious he even removed his man bag for the brawl.

Yelling "I'm not touching anyone," Mr Parasyuk still went in for "afters" with rival Oleksandr Vilkul and even managed to dislodge his glasses with the help of a door.

The pair had been debating on a programme not unlike TV3's The Nation, but the producers might have suspected there'd be aggro.

Russian media reports Mr Parasyuk has beaten up a prosecutor, kicked an anti-corruption department chief in the head and thrown a glass at three judges. Admittedly, Mr Vilkul was a supporter of the notoriously corrupt former President Yanukovych and has been criticised for speaking Russian in Parliament.

In some ways the politicians' violence is a refreshing change, asit usually takes place in the Chamber. In the House just hours before there was also a scuffle, apparently over a loaf of stale bread, with just about everyone getting a taste of the action.

As for Mr Parasyuk, he just couldn't help himself, announcing he'd be giving Mr Vilkul's car a present.

Unfortunately for him Ukrainian MPs get driven in bullet-proof and apparently boot-proof cars.

No problem for Mr Parasyuk - he still had a key for some adult tagging. He scratched and scraped for the TV cameras that universally understood political punch line  "f**k you".