University claims alleged rape victim lied

  • 12/09/2016

A US student who told the world of her alleged rape has been branded a liar by her university in a campus-wide email.

Cecelia Carreras' wrote an essay entitled 'There's a Brock Turner in All of o(UR) Lives' for Huffington Post last week, detailing her alleged rape and the way she was 'snubbed' by Richmond University administrators.

The post went viral.

The man who she says assaulted her, like in the well-known case of Stanford University rapist Turner, was a college athlete - and Carreras claimed in her essay that the university protected him because of that.

However Richmond University made a move to refute those claims, sending out an email to all staff and students explaining that many of Carreras' allegations were false.

"[The] assertions of fact are inaccurate and do not reflect the manner in which reports of sexual misconduct have been investigated and adjudicated at the university," it read.

In response, Carreras wrote another post - this one presenting quotes from audio files and emails asserting that Richmond were told that Carreras had asked for her attacker to stop on three occasions.

The essay also appeared to show that the university was well aware that she was allegedly penetrated without consent.

"Even though he admitted to raping me, he still gets to put on his uniform and represent us on a national scale. That's problematic," she wrote.

She also expressed her disappointment in Richmond University for how they responded to her rape allegations.

"Do you think that by calling one of your own survivors a liar, that that would really encourage students to report?" it read.

"You say we should all support each other, through our words and actions, yet you failed me when I reported and, now that I'm speaking out publicly, you thought calling me a liar was appropriate.

"You all should be ashamed of yourselves."

Carreras is now filing a complaint with the US Department of Education over the ordeal.