Unravelling the mystery of Bluetooth

Unravelling the mystery of Bluetooth

Apple's latest iPhone release has brought renewed attention to Bluetooth technology, with its unusual looking AirPod wireless earbuds dividing opinion.

Bluetooth is handy and easy to use - but where did it come from?

The technology came to life in 1998 as a way to connect devices the way wires do - just without the wires.

The first specification was released around a year later and in the coming years, "hands-free" started becoming a very real thing.

By 2012 annual Bluetooth product shipments had surpassed 2 billion.

Now, according to Apple, we don't even need a headphone jack.

But is it safe?

Bluetooth headsets do emit radiation, but not much - in fact, it's 1000 times less than what comes from your mobile phone.

And with Apple betting heavy on it, you can expect more products to get on board.