US police release video of car ramming into officers

  • 15/09/2016

Police in the US city of Phoenix have released surveillance video of a driver who deliberately slammed his vehicle into three officers, causing two to be hospitalised.

The footage shows the officers outside a petrol station, when out of the blue another car comes hurtling towards them.

When the car hits, one cop is seen thrown into the air while another is knocked to the ground.

"The suspect then struggled violently with the officers for several minutes before being taken into custody. The two officers struck by the vehicle sustained serious but not life threatening injuries," the city's police chief Joe Yahner said in a statement.

"The third officer was able to jump out of the way but sustained some injuries during the extended struggle with the suspect." 

The 44-year-old male driver faces three attempted murder charges.

Police chief Yahner says it was an unprovoked attack.