US school kids hospitalised by hot peppers

  • 05/09/2016

Five Ohio school kids have been hospitalised after eating Bhut Jolokia, or 'ghost peppers' - one of the hottest varieties in the world.

About 40 students aged 11-14 at Milton Union Middle School were treated by medics after trying the peppers, which one unidentified student had brought to the school and shared around.

Police were called there after lunchtime when children began showing reactions, including "blotchy skin, hives, teary eyes, sweating and general discomfort," police told the Dayton Daily News.

One of the students, Cody Schmidt, said the peppers were "really hot".

He said when others who had also tried one of the peppers started having allergic reactions, he got nervous.

"We all drank like 10 cartons of milk," Schmidt said.

"Kids will be kids, and sometimes they do challenges and dare each other to do things," Dayton Children's Hospital emergency specialist Pam Bucaro said.

"These are not games and there can be serious effects when ingesting things."