Vandals 'laughed' as they destroyed landmark

The vandals (David Kalas/Twitter)
The vandals (David Kalas/Twitter)

A tourist landmark in Oregon known as "The Duckbill" has been destroyed by vandals.

Tourist David Kalas says he and his friend Michael Kel saw a group of visitors trying to push the sandstone landmark in Cape Kiwanda over.

He began filming the incident, which ends with the massive boulder toppling over and crumbling.

"We looked over and there were probably eight guys pushing over the rock," Mr Kel said.

"They kind of just laughed it off and took it with pride that they destroyed something so magnificent and disappeared after. It had no meaning to them whatsoever."

He posted the video to social media, sparking outrage from residents and park officials.

Many took to social media to pay tribute to the landmark.