Video: Cops save kids in flaming car rescue

  • 10/09/2016
Maryland cops save kids in flaming car rescue
Maryland cops save kids in flaming car rescue

Dramatic video from the US shows police officers saving a woman and two toddlers from a burning car.

The footage was released by the Charles County Sheriff's Office in Maryland and was recorded on September 3.

The horror started when a vehicle with five occupants struck a tree, with one woman being ejected and the male driver suffering fractured legs before being dragged to safety.

As the car burst into flames, two toddlers and another woman were still trapped inside, with police dashcam footage showing officers pulling them to safety and a citizen running in with a fire extinguisher before fire crews could arrive.

All of the vehicle's occupants survived the crash, but their injuries were severe. The woman who was trapped suffered second and third-degree burns, the sheriff's office said.

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