Video: Cruel treatment of rabbits exposed in Australia

  • 19/09/2016
Video: Cruel treatment of rabbits exposed in Australia

Horrifying footage that emerged as a result of covert filming by an animal advocacy group has exposed the cruelty of the rabbit meat industry in Australia.

The industry is small, but it seems as though many rabbits are being maltreated by farmers, with Animal Liberation releasing disturbing videos captured at rabbit farms in Western Australia and Tasmania.

"The footage is absolutely horrific. I think it's one of those industries that the public is just completely unaware even exists," Animal Liberation campaign director Emma Hurst told Channel 7.

Video from a farm in Baldivis, just south of Perth, shows a number of dead rabbits left to rot in tiny cages, surrounded by their own faeces.

Clips from the Tasmanian farm are not much better, with filthy wire cages making it near impossible for the naturally curious animals to walk around without hurting themselves.

RSPCA NSW chief David O'Shannessy says the industry needs to look at other ways to house rabbits.

"We would encourage the industry to look at non-paid systems - and particularly with rabbits, there might be opportunities to be housed in small compatible social groups."

Woolworths supermarket chain is now believed to be considering taking rabbit meat products of its shelves.