Video: Homeless man gets unprovoked beating from US cops

Video: Homeless man gets unprovoked beating from US cops

US police officers have again found themselves under international scrutiny after a homeless man was the victim of a seemingly unprovoked attack at a Houston train station.

CCTV footage shows the man, Darrell Giles, being approached by the two policemen, before standing up to face one of them and finding himself on the receiving end of a vicious assault.

One of the officers uses a baton to strike Mr Giles 14 times in the space of 19 seconds. Mr Giles is unarmed and clearly surrenders after the first blow, with no attempt made to fight back.

The officers involved, Daniel Reynoso and Jairus Warren, were suspended without pay on September 15 as a result of the video was made public, with both men charged with using excessive force.

Warren, who is the officer seen attacking Mr Giles with a baton, later resigned from his position.

The footage was released by Houston Police after Black Lives Matter learned of its existence and put pressure on them to make it available to the public.