Video: Protesters violently attacked at Trump rally

  • 14/09/2016
Donald Trump fans doing his bidding
Donald Trump fans doing his bidding

Violence has marred another Donald Trump rally in the US, with a vicious scuffle caught on camera.

Demonstrators interrupted the campaign rally of the former Celebrity Apprentice star in Asheville, North Carolina several times on Monday (local time).

In widely shared footage, a Trump supporter is seen grabbing a male protester around the neck and punching him before slapping a female protester.

Security then escorts the protesters out, leaving the Trump supporter alone.

Mr Trump talked through the scuffle but said after the disturbance, "Is there any place more fun than a Trump rally?"

The Republican nominee has repeatedly encouraged violence throughout his campaign - fantasising aloud about punching protesters himself and about them being carried out in stretchers. He has also offered to pay legal fees for supporters that do assault protesters.