Video: US cops filmed gunning down autistic child

  • 29/09/2016
Jeremy Mardis
Jeremy Mardis

Police video has been released in the US showing the moment two officers opened fire on a suspect's vehicle, killing the six-year-old autistic boy inside.

The officers have now been charged with murder over the November 2015 killing.

The two city marshals shot a hail of 18 bullets into Christopher Few's SUV. They then discovered his 6-year old autistic son Jeremy Landis was sitting in the passenger seat, and had been struck five times in the head and chest.

Mr Few survived, but Jeremy was buried a week later.

It's the first time the public has seen the 13-minute video, after a judge ordered its release on Wednesday (local time). A Grand Jury saw it last year and indicted Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse for second-degree murder.

Police say Stafford and Greenhouse chased Mr Few after he drove off following an argument with his girlfriend, with the video capturing the moment the SUV was cornered.

Originally, one of the officers said they were trying to act in self defence, claiming Mr Few tried to ram his vehicle and posed an imminent threat, but investigators say that was a lie.

Mr Few, bloodied, wounded, and unarmed, is filmed getting out of the car, and through the bullet-shattered windows, officers poke the little boy, who does not respond.

Both of the officers will be tried separately.

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