Whale launches at kayaker doing 22 Push-Up Challenge

  • 21/09/2016
Whale launches at kayaker doing 22 Push-Up Challenge

A kayaker participating in a social media challenge has found himself encircled by around 10 whales, 20 dolphins and 100 seals.

The must-see moment was caught on camera, as a giant humpback whale surprised the man as he did press-ups on a kayak amid a feeding frenzy.

Mike Pelayo was taking part in the 22 Push-Up Challenge off the coast of California. He had decided completing the challenge in a kayak would be more exciting than just at home.

But the whales caught him off guard.

Buddy Erik Jones filmed the event off Grover Beach, off the coast north of Los Angeles.

The pair were stunned when the whales surfaced out of nowhere.

"We had hoped to see some whales during the challenge, but we didn't expect them to be this close up," Mr Jones told The Mirror.

"It was definitely more than we had hoped for. We found ourselves in the middle of a feeding frenzy with 10 whales, 20 dolphins and about 100 seals.

"When the whale first came up with its mouth open, I thought Mike might be lunch.

"Then I realised it was feeding, and Mike was safe from being a whale appetiser."

He told The Mirror the whales were very lively and energetic.

"We had just been sitting still for a while in our kayaks, watching the sea life around us.

"A large group of seals came charging towards us. We figure they must have been chasing small fish, and the whales came after the same group of fish right in between our kayaks.

"Our friends and family thought it was really fun and exciting when we showed them the video."

The 22 Push-Up Challenge helps raise awareness for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and has swept across social media lately.

After a participant does the press-ups - 22 every day for 22 days - a friend or family member is then nominated to do the same.

Honor Courage Commitment charity began the challenge in 2011.