When politicians attack

When politicians attack

It may their job to lead by example, but politicians around the world frequently bring schoolyard politics to the debating chamber.

The latest bout happened during a live television broadcast in Georgia - a war of words erupted between candidates from the Democratic Movement and Industrial bloc parties.

Punches were thrown and TV producers were forced to intervene.

South Africa's parliament decended into chaos in 2014 after an opposition party member called President Jacob Zuma a criminal.

She was removed and the police called in.

In Turkey's parliament, a huge fistfight erupted earlier this year over a controversial piece of legislation.

There was a similar dust up in Ukraine after the country's Prime Minister was physically removed from the Speaker's podium. 

Even New Zealand politicians have exchanged blows before.

It wasn't caught on camera, but retired National MP Tau Henare and Labour MP Trevor Mallard were caught up in a scuffle on Parliament grounds in 2007.