Whispered 911 call leads to horror rescue

  • 16/09/2016
Whispered 911 call leads to horror rescue

An abducted woman's whispered call to police while her kidnapper slept has helped Ohio police capture a possible serial killer.

The woman managed to call police, who arrived just in time, however it appears to have been too late for at least three other victims.

The 18-minute long 911 call played out like a scene from a horror movie.

"Is there any way you can get out of the building?" the dispatcher asked.

"I don't know without waking him, and I'm scared," the woman whispered back.

She called 911 from the bedroom where her abductor slept, in an abandoned house across from a laundromat, begging the dispatcher to hurry.

The woman escaped out of the bedroom and saw officers walking near the house through a window, getting the dispatcher to tell them to come back.

Moments later, the officers broke in.

After the rescue, police found the remains of two women.

Officers arrested 40-year-old Shawn Michael Grate at the scene and charged him with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping.

Authorities say Grate later led them to a third body in a neighbouring town.

Stacey Stanley, 43, was identified as one of the women who was found inside the home. She had been missing since last Thursday.

"This guy who did this to her and these other women? He's a monster," her sister Jeana Stanley says.

It may take weeks for one of those bodies to be identified because it was badly decomposed. 

Grate will be in court for his arraignment on Friday (local time).

CBS News