Whiteface highlights racial 'double standard' in Australia

  • 31/08/2016
(Breeze Bee/Facebook)
(Breeze Bee/Facebook)

An Aboriginal woman has posted photos on Facebook of her daughter in 'whiteface' to highlight double standards in Australian racial debates.

Whiteface highlights racial 'double standard' in Australia

(Breeze Bee/Facebook)

Queenslander Breeze Bee was outraged at the response to another child's black face when he dressed up as Fijian West Coast Eagles footballer Nic Naitunui.

She says instead of letting the little boy pay tribute to his idol, he was cut down by racist comments.

"Unfortunately now this little boy who has been shown by the dark skinned community that his admiration for a black man is unacceptable and has learnt racism!"

She's thrown her full support behind the mum who was bold enough to paint her son's skin.

"If anyone knows the mother, please share this and let her know she has my FULL support, and her little man is awesome!"

Ms Bee hopes her photos will challenge Australians on their views on racism.

"I am a proud Aboriginal Australian black woman and I respect my culture, my people and my Aboriginal Australian history, my belief is the only way to move forward is to allow people in and educate them on our painful history and why we are the Original Australians... And support an inclusive Australian society"

She says the Aboriginal society is too quick to react to "the smallest issue".

"I feel proud as a black woman that this little boy and his mum felt he is proud to colour himself black, and that being black is actually cool!"