Action hero judge tackles disobedient crook

Judge McBain tackles the crook (YouTube)
Judge McBain tackles the crook (YouTube)

A judge in Missouri ripped off his robe and joined the fight to subdue a man when he refused to be handcuffed.

"Tase his ass, right now!" Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain shouted, before helping an officer pin stalker Jacob Larson to the floor.

Larson was in court for violating a protection order, reports the New York Daily News. He'd been stalking a young woman, bombarding her with Facebook messages and turning up at her workplace.

"I want her to tell me to leave her alone," Larson told the judge.

"I told you to leave her alone and apparently that didn't get through loud and clear, so today, you're going to jail for three days," Judge McBain told him.

When Larson answered back, Judge McBain told him he had a "bad attitude" before upping his sentence first to 45 days, then to 93.

After a heated argument, Larson calls him a "bloody mother**er" and refuses to let a court officer cuff him.

That's when Judge McBain, in a move reminiscent of his namesake - the action hero character from The Simpsons - leapt into action.

Judge McBain was later cleared of any wrongdoing, with Jackson County Chief Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson saying that judges have "the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in the courtroom".

Video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube by pro-police group Blue Lives Matter.