American police attempt to run over homeless man

Dash Cam footage of Joseph Mann (Sacramento News & Review)
Dash Cam footage of Joseph Mann (Sacramento News & Review)

Dash cam footage released online shows Sacramento police officers attempting to run over mentally-ill, homeless man Joseph Mann less than a minute before they shot him dead in July.

The footage shows the officers driving their car directly at Mr Mann, with one of the officers saying "I'm going to hit him."

His partner responds, "Okay. Go for it."

After failing to ram him on their first attempt, the police car reverses, turns and drives towards Mr Mann a second time.

They then exited the vehicle and shot him 14 times. He later died from these injuries.

Police were alerted to Mr Mann after reports he was carrying a knife and gun. No gun was recovered at the scene, but Mr Mann refused to drop the knife upon request.

Mr Mann's family have filed a lawsuit, saying he was suffering a mental health crisis and the police did not try and de-escalate the situation, choosing instead to shoot him on the spot.

They believe if the police had acted differently, Mr Mann would have cooperated with their requests.