Attempted baby abduction at US supermarket caught on camera

  • 19/10/2016
Attempted baby abduction at US supermarket caught on camera

A mother in Houston, Texas is seeking justice after a man allegedly tried to snatch her baby at the supermarket.

CCTV footage shows the man picking up the woman's baby, who was sitting in the shopping trolley, while she was distracted looking at items on the shelf.

"I think I was distracted for about a minute or so," mother Florence Monauer told local TV news station KPRC.

But it was long enough for a man to pick up Ms Monauer's 14-month-old daughter inside the H Mart grocery store in Chinatown.

Once she heard the rustling of the fabric the child was sitting on, Ms Monauer turned around and realised what was happening.

"I think that if it weren't for the cover, he probably would have made off with her quickly."

She says the man never spoke to her, instead directing his words to the baby. After the incident he promptly walked out of the store empty handed.

While she is not sure of the man's intentions, Ms Monauer doesn't believe the man was just being friendly.

"I wanted people to be aware that this does happen and I want to prevent the same thing from happening.

"It gave me chills just thinking that this could've happened to my child and it may happen to someone else. I definitely want him to get caught."

Houston police are treating the situation as attempted abduction.