Australian burn survivor Turia Pitt finishes Hawaii Ironman

Turia Pitt (Twitter)
Turia Pitt (Twitter)

A runner best known for her incredible resilience in the face of severe burns to her body has completed a remarkable comeback by finishing what's widely recognised as the world's hardest triathlon.

Turia Pitt was told she would never again be able to compete in a triathlon after she was caught in a bushfire during a race in Western Australia in 2011.

However the Australian has defied the odds to cross the finish line at the Hawaii Ironman, a 226km event in which she had to wear specially-designed clothing that would cool her down throughout the race.

As a result of her injuries, Ms Pitt is unable to naturally regulate her body temperature, a particular struggle in the Hawaii Ironman due to the severe humidity of the US island at this time of year.

Ms Pitt, who was congratulated by her husband Michael Hoskin at the finish line, completed the triathlon in 14 hours, 37 minutes and 30 seconds - a staggering feat given the hospitalised state she was in less than four years ago.

The 29-year-old spent well over two years in hospital and underwent 200 operations to overcome her injuries from the blaze - and after taking up running once again, she competed in Ironman Australia in May 2016.

In a blog post written shortly after competing in that race, Pitt said running in her home triathlon showed her "that I literally can do anything I put my mind to".

Ms Pitt is now a humanitarian, motivational speaker and former Young Australian of the Year, and now works as an ambassador for Interplast, an organisation that provides funding for those in developing countries in need of surgery.


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