British boy finds 'world's worst message in a bottle'

  • 10/10/2016
British boy finds 'world's worst message in a bottle'

By Hanna Reynolds

Robbie Chappell discovered a message in a bottle while he was walking his dog with his mother in Hampshire, England. 

An excited Robbie asked his stepdad to film him smashing open the bottle but was disappointed to discover the contents. 

Nestled in a damp Heineken bottle was the message: "Dan and Dan was here 1/10/16, 12.19pm out our nuts on cocaine! Massive love for the sesh! Lots of love sesh gremlins."

Robbie's mother Catherine says they had exotic ideas of what the bottle might hold, but were underwhelmed to find it was just a note written by two guys on a cocaine binge. 

"It's got to be the world's worst message in a bottle effort. We thought it might be something exciting from France from years ago, but actually it was from a couple of druggies the day before." 

The family said they didn't expect the video of Robbie opening the bottle to be shared thousands of times. 

It's not known if the authors of the underwhelming message are aware of its popularity.

"I do wonder if the people involved have seen it all. I'd be surprised if they haven't," says Catherine.

Maybe Robbie should let Dan and Dan know about the video via a message in a bottle.