Brutality erupts at protest in Philippines

Brutality erupts at protest in Philippines

Warning: This video contains images that may disturb some people.

An anti-US rally in the Philippines turned violent on Wednesday (local time), with a police van ramming protestors.

People scattered when the van first reversed into the crowd outside the US embassy in Manila, then quickly sped forward, slamming people into the bonnet.

One woman was thrown to the ground by the impact then run over.

Miraculously, no one died but at least 10 people were taken to hospital.

Dozens of protesters were arrested, some of them after they hurled paint at a US government seal at the embassy's entrance.

"There was absolutely no justification [for the police violence]," activist Renato Reyes told reporters.

"Even as the president avowed an independent foreign policy, Philippine police forces still act as running dogs of the US."

The protest was demanding an end to the US military's presence in the country.