'Budgie nine' families land in Malaysia


The families of the so-called "budgie nine" have arrived in Malaysia to hear the fate of their sons.

The men were arrested for indecency after they stripped down to skimpy togs - nicknamed budgie smugglers in Australia - emblazoned with the Malaysian flag, during the country's Grand Prix.

"It has not gone down well and they're in a lot of trouble - indecency is considered to be one of those crimes that is punished harshly and firmly in Malaysia," Australia correspondent Jason Morrison told Newshub.

The men are expected to face court today, to find out what their punishment will be.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the incident shows the consideration Australian travellers should take.

"When Australians are overseas they should always be careful of and respect the laws of the country of which they are in. I know the young Australians' families are there, our consular officials are working to assist them."


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