Butterfly upstages adorable koala's photoshoot

(Symbio Wildlife Park)
(Symbio Wildlife Park)

There's not much that can upstage a koala joey but a curious butterfly has managed to do just that.

Staff at Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales were filming Willow the koala for an upcoming video when a butterfly joined in.

The colourful insect got up close to Willow, landing right on her nose.

Kevin Fallon, Symbio marketing and creative services manager, told ABC News while they did plan for the butterfly to join the shoot, they didn't expect it to get so intimate.

"We had always planned to have a butterfly on a flower, with the koalas in the background, as one of those iconic little bits of footage for the introduction of the sustainability video," he says.

But Willow ran up to the butterfly and started nuzzling it while they were still setting up.

"Before we knew it, it actually flew onto Willow's head and then stayed there for ages," Mr Fallon says.

"We just never thought in a million years that would happen and Willow's reaction would be so priceless."

Willow is one of seven koalas living at Symbio Wildlife Park.