Chinese police rescue wild elephants from pond

The trapped elephants (AP)
The trapped elephants (AP)

Deep in the forests of China's southwest Yunnan Province, forestry police made a shock discovery - wild elephants trapped in a pond.

After receiving reports on Sunday (local time) from villagers who had been startled by the elephants' fearsome noises, the police rushed to the scene, only to find two adults and one baby struggling for survival in a 5m deep concrete pond.

They were surrounded by several other elephants who were reaching out their trunks to help.

Bananas and other food were also sent to the trapped animals, while the police started planning their operation.

However, the rescue wasn't easy.

First, they had to delay their operation until Monday, due to heavy rain.

Then, there was the constant threat of attack from other elephants trying to protect their friends.

Finally, after assessing the situation with helicopters and drones, the police hatched a plan.

They decided to drive away the other elephants with firecrackers and smash one side of the pond to lower the level of the pool.

The rescuers started to break one side of the pond with an excavator and finally managed to free the animals.

The three elephants walked out of the pond and into the nearby forest - a lucky escape for the peaceful pachyderms.