Couple accused of faking death threats to their own baby daughter

Couple accused of faking death threats to their own baby daughter

An Adelaide couple are on trial accused of faking death threats to their baby daughter to get time off work and receive compensation payments.

Tabitha Lean, 40 and Simon Peisley, 37 are on trial at the South Australia District Court facing charges of deception and attempted deception over an alleged scam that involved them sending threatening letters and parcels to their own home. 

Lead Detective Alexandra Banfield says the letters contained a violent nature and gave examples in court.

"We're waiting for that baby of yours. We're going to slice her from ear to ear," read one letter.

"You can't keep her safe forever."

The couple are also accused of faking a break-in at their family home with the message "F*** off" written on a wall in tomato sauce and other swear words written on the windows in black paint.

Reports suggest the family went as far as sending bloodstained parcels to their office in the hopes of receiving paid time off and interstate trips at their employer's expense.

Because of the couples career in health they were given indefinite time off with almost full pay and were given funded family holidays to Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

The arrest came about after police began to suspect the couple were behind the threats and devised their own plot to catch them out.

Police secretly broke into the couple's apartment, and marked a stack of envelopes and paper with "invisible ink".

The next threat the couple received was tested with a UV light, revealing the invisible markings the officers had made.

The letters, DNA evidence and handwriting analysis are being presented to the jury as the month-long trial continues.