Creepy clown hangs off back of US bus


The creepy clown epidemic isn't showing any signs of slowing down - in fact, they've ventured into the daytime.

One particularly creepy clown has been captured hanging off the back of a bus in Detroit, Michigan.

It was recorded by someone travelling behind the bus, and no one in the car was laughing.

"It's a f****** clown! Get the f*** out of here," one person yelled.

The video hasn't just gathered attention online - it's also been forwarded to the Detroit Police Department.

The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) has issued a statement saying passengers' safety is their number one priority.

"That is why we have significantly increased our Transit Police presence and have installed surveillance cameras inside and outside of all of our DDOT coaches."

Detroit resident Kendall Hosendove told ClickOnDetroit the clown could've been up to something sinister.

If he was on that bus, he said he wouldn't have got off while the clown was hanging there.

"I would have to stay, until I know for sure he's off of there. I don't want to get off when he's going to get off with me."

Clown sightings worldwide have been ramping up over the last few weeks.

In Hamilton, police are investigating after two men dressed as clowns assaulted a woman early on Saturday.