'Disturbing' body camera video shows brutal police arrest

The brutal arrest (City of Greensboro)
The brutal arrest (City of Greensboro)

US leaders in the city of Greensboro have released "disturbing" body camera footage showing a police officer assaulting a black man.

Dejuan Yourse was sitting on the porch of his mother's house when Travis Cole and another officer arrived. A concerned neighbour had reportedly called after seeing a black man with a shovel.

A hostile and suspicious Cole interrogated Mr Yourse. However, things turned ugly when Mr Yourse called his friend to complain about being harassed.

He was punched in the face, thrown to the ground, and suffocated while screaming "I'm not resisting".

Cole resigned from the Greensboro Police Department after an investigation was launched - and the charges against him were dropped. However, this would not have not have stopped him working in law enforcement in other cities.

After viewing the video, city council members voted in favour of calling for the permanent suspension of Cole's law enforcement certification.

This was not the first time Cole has been in trouble for his arrest methods, with a previous suspension after a 2014 incident.