Domino's Pizza now delivering via canoe

(Facebook/Domino's Pizza Loose)
(Facebook/Domino's Pizza Loose)

A UK Domino's has found a way to beat the traffic when bringing pizzas to its customers - delivering via canoe.

The Domino's in Maidstone, Kent, is trialling aquatic deliveries of pizza to houses along the River Loose, which runs through the village of Loose.

Residents who live along the river can order pizza to their riverside homes via a wetsuit-clad Domino's Pizza 'buoy'.

The pizza 'buoy' wears a lifejacket for safety, and the pizza boxes, which have been tested for flotation ability, will be attached to an actual lifebuoy.

The trial will also deliver to water boats moored along the river.

Domino's UK will make a donation to the Loose Conservation Trust to help protect the village's waterways as part of the trial.