Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Twitter spat over Miss Universe


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has once again lashed out at the Miss Universe winner who he famously called "Miss Piggy", claiming she has a sex tape.

Alicia Machado was crowned Miss Universe in 1996 but gained weight after taking out the title, much to Mr Trump's disgust.

After learning about the story, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton used it as a weapon during Monday night's presidential debate.

While Trump may have been able to control his nerves during the debate, the Republican nominee has exploded on Twitter.

In a series of tweets he referred to "crooked Hillary" and "my worst Miss [Universe]", claiming Ms Machado was aided by the Democratic nominee to become a US citizen.

Although Trump didn't tell the Twittersphere exactly what Ms Machado had done in her past, he went as far as to say she was a con-artist.

But he didn't stop there. He claimed the former Miss Universe has a sex tape, although the internet is yet to find any evidence.

Ms Clinton was quick to respond, calling the attack "unhinged" and referring to his thin skin.

It was the early hours of the morning when Trump began tweeting, something which Ms Clinton also questioned.

She continued by referring to other misogynistic comments he had made in the past.

Ms Machado has also responded to the claims in a lengthy Facebook post.

She said: "The Republican candidate and his campaign are, once again launching attacks, insults and are attempting to revive slanders and false accusations about my life, in order to humiliate, intimidate, and unbalance me."