Donald Trump berates Republicans pulling support

  • 10/10/2016
Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stand outside Trump Tower (Reuters)
Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stand outside Trump Tower (Reuters)

Donald Trump will go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton on Monday in a second presidential debate which is expected to get nasty, and very personal.

Mr Trump has come out fighting just hours ahead of the televised show-down with a series of tweets, one alleging that Bill Clinton is a rapist.

Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine says Mr Trump's attitude towards women is likely to dominate the debate.

"I imagine some of the undecided voters who are part of this town hall forum will have questions about it and I really think it's for Donald Trump to try to answer it and take some responsibility."

The presidential candidate is also lashing out at the growing list of Republicans abandoning his candidacy, predicting they're the ones who will lose.

Mr Trump on Sunday tweeted: "So many self-righteous hypocrites. Watch their poll numbers - and elections - go down!"

Trump has also been re-tweeting a series of messages from supporters, including one that lashes out at "GOP traitors!" and says not supporting Trump is voting for "destroying America".

Another says "'Republican leadership should have only one job: Help elect the nominee we voted for, Donald J Trump".

Mr Trump has faced a mass exodus of support in the wake of the release of crude video footage in which he brags about making unwanted sexual advances on women.

Donald Trump backer Rudy Giuliani says Trump is embarrassed by the airing of a tape in which the Republican presidential nominee makes vulgar and predatory remarks about women.

But - in Mr Giuliani's words - "it seems to me, we should move on."

The former New York City mayor told ABC's This Week that Trump is "very, very embarrassed and contrite about it".

When asked whether Mr Trump's comments described sexual assault, Giuliani said "that's what he's talking about".

But Giuliani wasn't sure whether Trump was exaggerating, as "some men" do.

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