Donald Trump's comments on sex teacher resurface

Trump is heard remarking on the attractiveness of rapist teacher Debra Lafave in the recording (AAP)
Trump is heard remarking on the attractiveness of rapist teacher Debra Lafave in the recording (AAP)

Donald Trump has again landed himself in hot water after an audio clip came to light of the Republican presidential nominee saying a teenage boy who had sex with his teacher may have gained "confidence" from the experience.

Political comedy programme The Daily Show unearthed and aired the clip, which was from a 2004 interview with US radio personality Don Imus.

In the recording, Mr Trump is heard remarking on the attractiveness of teacher Debra Lafave, before joking that the 14-year-old victim had "put the moves on her".

"How would you like to be the husband of the wife who was playing around with a 14-year-old kid? Unbelievable. By the way, did you see what she looked like?" Mr Trump asked. 

"Not bad," Mr Imus replied.

"Not bad? Yeah, I'd say so. I know a lot of guys who are trying to date her right now," Mr Trump remarked.

Later in the clip, Mr Trump is heard calling into question the severity of Lafave's crime.

"So do you think this 14-year-old kid is scarred forever? He might have put the moves on her. It might have given him confidence, actually," he said.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah used the latest contentious revelation to launch a scathing attack on Mr Trump and his presidential campaign.

"For a man who's so pessimistic about America, about the world, about humanity as a whole, Donald Trump has a surprisingly glass-half-full perspective on adults banging middle-schoolers," remarked Mr Noah.

"I mean, wow, is there anything that Donald Trump doesn't judge by how hot the woman is?"

Later in his monologue, Noah drew on Mr Trump's controversial comments which surfaced earlier in the week about 1996 Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado, who he was accused of calling 'Miss Piggy' after she put on weight.

"Let's be honest here, folks - there's only one pig in this whole story, and it's the one that got slaughtered at the debate on Monday," Mr Noah quipped.

Mr Trump goes head-to-head with Ms Clinton for the White House on November 8.