EU citizens to stay in UK post Brexit

  • 11/10/2016
British Prime Minister Theresa May (Reuters)
British Prime Minister Theresa May (Reuters)

Prime Minister Theresa May says she hopes Britain's exit from the EU will be a smooth process and she expects to guarantee the rights of EU citizens already in Britain.

"I expect to be able to guarantee the legal rights of EU nationals already in the UK so long as the British nationals living in Europe receive - in the countries who are member states of the EU - the same treatment," she told reporters during a visit to Denmark on Monday.

She reiterated that she would trigger the formal divorce process from the bloc through Article 50 of the EU Lisbon treaty no later than the end of March next year and added: "I hope it can be a smooth and orderly departure".

Ms May said she wanted the post-Brexit settlement to reflect "the kind of mature, cooperative relationship that close friends and allies have".

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said he would work for a "friendly divorce" between Britain and the European Union when talks over an exit deal begin.

"I'm sure we will be able to overcome any obstacles," Mr Lokke said at a joint briefing with Ms May in Copenhagen.

"We should aim for a friendly divorce. That will be our starting point in the coming negotiations, he said.