Featherless SeaWorld penguin gets customised wetsuit

  • 27/10/2016
Featherless SeaWorld penguin gets customised wetsuit

A penguin experiencing feather-loss at Orlando's SeaWorld has been given a custom-made wetsuit to keep her warm.

'Wonder Twin', a female Adelie penguin, had the wetsuit hand-made by the park's wardrobe designer.

Wonder Twin's feather loss, which the park says can happen in its natural habitat, is hindering the animal from regulating her own body temperature.

"It's going to keep her warm, especially in the water," says SeaWorld aviculturist TD Dray. "Penguins live almost three-quarters of their life in the water. And now with that wet suit she's going to be in there and be able to keep warm."

SeaWorld says the wet suit is intended to mimic the penguin's natural feather coat, allowing her to swim, eat and sleep naturally like other penguins.

"I think it's amazing to be able to take everyday technology and use it to be able to help us care for the animals," says Mr Dray.