'Fixed' Samsung Note 7 catches fire on plane

  • 06/10/2016
'Fixed' Samsung Note 7 catches fire on plane

A Boeing 737 Airliner had to be evacuated in the United States on Wednesday when a new Samsung Note 7 phone began smoking in a passenger's pocket.

Samsung has been recalling its phones because of battery fires, however this phone appears to be one of the replacements that are supposed to be safe.

Brian Green says he had just turned the phone off and put it in his pocket as Southwest Airlines Flight 994 to Baltimore sat at the gate in Lousiville, Kentucky.

"I was trying to get it away from me, and there's just really no good place to put it on a plane of course," he says.

"I heard some popping that sounded like a Ziploc bag popping open, and I looked around to see what that was, and there was smoke just billowing, pouring out of my pocket."

Samsung has recalled more than two million of the Galaxy Note 7s made before September 15.

There have been at least 92 reports in the US of the phone's lithium-ion battery overheating, resulting in 26 burns and 55 cases of property damage including fires to cars and a garage.

Airlines have been asking passengers traveling with a Note 7 not to charge the phone and to keep it turned off while on board.

A check of the serial number on Mr Green's phone showed it is not part of the current recall.

"There's something else going on, they've got to look a little deeper in to [it]," Mr Green says.

CBS News