Gable Tostee murder trial expected to have huge public interest

Gable Tostee (Supplied)
Gable Tostee (Supplied)

Three rooms have been reserved at Brisbane's Supreme Court for the trial of a man accused of killing a Kiwi woman who fell 14 floors from his Surfers Paradise apartment.

Gable Tostee is on trial for the murder of Lower Hutt woman Warriena Tagpuno Wright in August 2014, but he's always maintained the death was a tragic accident.

There's a huge public interest in this case, with three rooms set aside for media and the public alone.

The jury for the Supreme Court case will be selected and will first hear from the Crown, who will open its case outlining why Tostee should be found guilty of murdering Ms Wright.

There's speculation around whether Tostee pushed the 26-year-old off the balcony. He has always maintained her death was a tragic accident. 

Police are expected to outline their argument as to how Tostee didn't push Tagpuna Wright off the balcony but his actions led to her death - that she was fearing for her life and was trying escape.

Up to 26 witnesses will take the stand and the jury will also hear about conversations between the two, the argument which allegedly occurred, and other interactions. 

Ms Wright's family will be at the trial. 

The case is set down to run over eight days.