Heavily tattooed Florida man arrested while sleeping in stolen truck

Police mug shot of Robert Hardister
Police mug shot of Robert Hardister

A dramatic sequence of evolving facial tattoos has been created with the fifth and latest mug shot of an unfortunate Florida man.

In his latest run-in with the police, 25-year-old Robert Hardister was found asleep at the wheel of a stolen pickup truck, parked in a Walmart carpark.

He told police he was simply "trying to catch a couple of hours of sleep in the parking lot before going to work".

The police mug shot released following that arrest last week is the fifth of Hardister released since 2012.

He was arrested in January of that year by Tequesta police for an out-of-town warrant and at the time sported only a tear drop under his right eye and a relatively small tattoo on the right side of his neck.

In December 2012, Hardister was arrested for fraud and had shaved off his bleach-blonde hair and added another neck tattoo.

A few months later in February 2013, he was arrested on multiple charges and had added tattoos including a star under his right eye and more lettering on his neck, left cheek and chin.

By the time Hardister was arrested in July of this year for a probation violation, his face was almost entirely tatted up, leaving only a small area on the right side of his face without ink.

In the latest mugshot of Hardister, it appears he has not added much since July - but has reverted to the bleach-blonde look.

He remains in a Palm Beach County jail on US$4500 bond.